Thirty-second birthday of Ukraine. It is difficult not to admit that this seemingly solemn day in modern realities is not at all associated with joyful triumph and festive mood. Our country is walking a thorny but conscious path of establishing a single nation, fighting not only for its own identity, but also for the right to exist.

For our sovereignty, we continue to pay an extremely high price every day with the lives of our relatives and friends, the broken destinies of their families, and everyone on whose doorstep a full-scale war brazenly and uninvited stepped on the night of February 24.

As the folk saying goes: “You put it behind the door, and it climbs through the window.” But we ourselves see that it is very, very early to give up. How to write loud welcome speeches.

Instead, let’s honor the memory of our colleagues – Ivan Zyughan, Serhiy Moysa and Serhiy Danyliuk – the driving force of the Federation, who flew away to eternity from the very battlefield. The story of their death is a heroic and bright plot for a work of art, poetry and a sincere song… They were the most worthy among us in earthly life, we will keep their memory the same.

Let’s thank all our defenders – for the feat that they are sincerely and confidently doing right now. Let’s turn to them in our thoughts, remember them in prayers.

You, Ukraine!

Happy Birthday.

Victories, restoration of territorial integrity, and a high standard of living for all Ukrainians! May the growing and future generations of our grandmother always be proud of their Motherland, and the star of freedom and peace always illuminates the path of our country!