In Ukraine, the professional holiday of all healthcare workers used to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June (the date was chosen back in Soviet times), but in 2023 the date of the holiday was moved. The corresponding decision was due to the rejection of Soviet holidays and the transition to celebrating Ukrainian and European dates.

Therefore, we celebrate the Medical Worker’s Day on July 27. The holiday is dedicated to all medical workers who fight for the lives of Ukrainians in the rear and in the combat zone.

Just two years ago, the coronavirus seemed to us the greatest sorrow. Due to the pandemic, doctors were forced to work overtime, risking health and life.

But February 24, 2022 came. And we realized that the biggest disaster is our northern neighbor. And again, doctors found themselves at the forefront of the war. They rescue soldiers and wounded civilians, often being in mortal danger themselves.

On Doctor’s Day, we express our gratitude and respect to these people, and pay tribute to their patience, professionalism and self-sacrifice.

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