2021 | Cherkasy

At the annual Ukrainian all-around championship of bodyguards, Dnipropetrovsk region was represented by the team of the Kryvyi Rih Patrol patrol police company, which took a worthy 11th place among the 27 participants according to the results of the competition.

The federation continues to develop the sports movement of bodyguards and promote the profession of security guard – attends thematic events, conducts an information campaign and advises business and its clients.

2020 | Cherkasy

BFDR pays attention to the forced transformations of the security services market in connection with COVID-19, advises members and partners, develops measures for the safe operation of business and the community in a pandemic. From the summer of 2020, in order to promote the culture of safe handling of weapons, the cooperation of the Federation with the school of practical shooting “Discipline” begins.

In autumn, the BFDR delegation visited the XXIII Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards, during which cooperation was established with the Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Currently, BFDR bodyguards are guests and participants of shooting competitions organized by the university. The year ended with the conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation with the rector of the National Technical University “Dnieper Polytechnic”.

2019 | Kyiv

At the XXII Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards Dnipropetrovsk region was represented by two teams of tax police in Dnipropetrovsk region: women’s and men’s.

Although our fellow bodyguards returned to the Dnieper without prizes, they showed great endurance and perseverance in the fight for victory. In addition, Dnipropetrovsk athletes broke the record, becoming the youngest women’s and men’s debut teams.

2018 | Vinnitsa

The team of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine (Dnipro) performed at the XXI Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards in Vinnytsia with a completely renewed team. The team included Kirill Bondarev, Vadim Starikov, Dmitry Yeshchenko, Alexander Grigorchuk.

The boys showed good results, as for beginners: they took a solid middle among all participating teams. Our bodyguards received the highest score for inspecting the car, finding one explosive device and one sign of mining.

2017 | Chernivtsi

At the XX Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards in Chernivtsi, our federation was represented by the team of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Its members: Pavlo Haiduchenko, Maksym Perekhrestenko, Oleksiy Chernokolov and Kateryna Vasylieva. The national team took the second place in the absolute team standings in hand-to-hand combat.

2016 | Sofia, Chernihiv, Kyiv

Our team’s competition season started in the spring. In May, the delegation of the federation visited sunny Bulgaria, where it took part in the European Championship “Bodyguard-2016”. Our team “Cyclone” won first place for the technique and tactics of defending the VIP during the walk. In total, we took VII place among 15 European participants.

In June, the team of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk region (Pavlo Haiduchenko, Serhiy Shakhrai, Olga Sardak, Maksym Perekhrestenko) under the leadership of Ilarion Pavlov took the third place in the overall team standings at the XIX Championship of Ukraine in Chernihiv.

Entering the top three, the team won the opportunity to take part in the World Cup in the fall. Our athletes finished the season, winning the ninth place at the World Championship “Bodyguard-2016” in Kiev.

2015 | Kyiv, Lviv

The XVIII Open Championship took place in Lviv. The “Cyclone” team represented the federation. It consists of: Pavlo Haiduchenko, Maksym Perekhrestenko, Serhiy Shakhrai, Anton Kosorotikov. The team captain is Hilarion Pavlov. Maksym Perekhrestenko from the team of the State Pedagogical Service of Ukraine of Dnipropetrovsk was among the three athletes who best overcame the obstacle course by car. Its result is 1 minute 10.14 seconds. In general, the team showed excellent results, which won the right to participate in the World Cup “Bodyguard-2015”. In the autumn at the World Cup in Kiev, the team “Cyclone” won V place in the overall team standings.

2013 | Odessa

The XVII Championship of Ukraine was hosted by our partners in Odessa – the Association of Bodyguards of Odessa region (by the way, the oldest of the public associations among bodyguards in Ukraine). The team of our federation was represented by DOBRA SPRAVA consisting of Serhiy Bondarenko, Serhiy Savitsky, Volodymyr Skrypniuk and Shmaga Balakhashvili.

2012 | Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv

The outstanding year was not only for our bodyguards, but first of all, for the members and partners of BFDR. This year’s XVI Championship of Ukraine was organized by our federation in Dnipro on behalf of the FOU. At the Ukrainian championship itself, the BFDR was represented by two teams at once: Dugan KR from Kryvyi Rih and the Cyclone team from the Dnipro Penitentiary Service. The first team includes already experienced athletes, including two masters of sports of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards: Mykola Oleksienko, Dmytro Romanyuk, Artem Pogrebny and Serhiy Savitsky. Employees of the penitentiary service who performed as part of the second team: Pavlo Haiduchenko, Serhiy Shakhrai, Anton Kosorotikov and Yevhen Myroshnyk. The team captain is Hilarion Pavlov. The boys took part in such competitions of bodyguards for the first time. However, despite this fact, they won the first place in the search for “explosive” devices in the car.

The team of the security enterprise “Dugan KR” took the IV place at the second tournament of security guards “NPBL Ukraine 2012” of a category “B” which took place on January 27-29 in Nikolaev. In total, 10 teams from 7 cities of Ukraine took part in the tournament.

The federation sponsored the International Professional Kickboxing Tournament for the Cup of the President of Ukraine, which took place on March 3 in Kryvyi Rih.

2011 | Donetsʹk, Kyyiv Donetsk, Kyiv

The XV Ukrainian All-Around Championship of Bodyguards took place in Donetsk. The federation was represented by the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih team consisting of Ruslan Vorona, Oleksandr Chenyavsky, Vadym Filippovsky, and Artem Wojciechowski.

Also this year, the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih team led by Volodymyr Skrypniuk visited the III International Tournament of the Kyiv Bodyguard Association in Kyiv.

2010 | Yalta, Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih

This year two teams took part in the championship of Ukraine. Mykola Oleksienko, Dmytro Romanyuk, Serhiy Savitsky and Artem Pogrebny spoke on behalf of DOBRA SPRAVA. UKRSIBBANK was represented by Oleg Novik, Serhiy Dolyna, Serhiy Shevchenko and Serhiy Savinov. However, the year was not very successful: the teams took seventh and eighth place among Ukrainian teams, respectively. The only victory in the individual competition went to Dmitry Romanyuk: with the result of 1 minute. 13.05 sec. he took third place in overcoming the obstacle course on the car.

The boys took part in the II open tournament of the Kyiv Association of Bodyguards “Bodyguard-2010”. The federation was represented by the DOBRA SPRAVA team consisting of Mykola Oleksienko, Dmytro Romaniuk and Artem Pogrebny. The bodyguards took the sixth place.

The federation provided methodological assistance for an internal all-around bodyguard tournament for the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Cup.

2008 | Yalta, Minsk

2008 was no less successful for the Federation. For the third time, UKRSIBBANK bodyguards win the title of silver medalists of the Bodyguard All-Around Championship in Yalta. In addition, the boys almost simultaneously demonstrate the improvement of personal tests in all types of all-around. Oleksandr Koshyk left the team, Serhiy Shevchenko and Yuriy Kisil joined.

In 2008, on behalf of the Slavyana Security Center, a team of Yuri Kisil, Artem Pogrebny, Mykola Oleksienko, and Dmytro Romaniuk took part in the International Security Tournament, which took place in Minsk from June 23 to 28. And our Mykola Oleksienko became the best in emergency driving.

2007 | Yalta

In 2007, the team of bodyguards of UKRSIBBANK took part in the next championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards in Yalta and repeated its success. The boys again showed the best results in overcoming the obstacle course on the car and became silver medalists for the second time.

2006 | Yalta, Nizhny Novgorod

In 2006, with the same team, the bodyguards of UKRSIBBANK took second place at the X Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards in Yalta. According to the results of the competition, all the boys received the title of masters of sports of Ukraine. That same year, Artem Pogrebny, a substitute player, joined the team. In addition, UKRSIBBANK took part in the seventh professional audit of the National Association of Security Guards of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod.

2005 | Yalta

In 2005, the first performance of UKRSIBBANK bodyguards took place at the IX Championship of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards. The team included Mykola Oleksienko, Oleksandr Koshyk, Dmytro Romanyuk and Oleksiy Surik. The team won bronze medals among non-state teams of the championship. Dmytro Romaniuk overcame the obstacle course in the car with a result of 1 minute 09.64 seconds. Honored Coach of Ukraine, Master of Sports of the Soviet Union in shot put Vyacheslav Kozak and Honored Coach of Ukraine, member of the jury, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports Anatoliy Pavlov trained the boys.