We, the company “Stimul”, which is currently developing a product related to personnel security, during the development process faced the need of our client to save resources of HR specialists and security personnel when selecting applicants for positions with increased staff turnover. All this contributed to the development of two new products: an automated online job applicant questionnaire and a pre-screening test.


The product works as follows:

  1. The candidate fills out an online employment application form.
  2. You receive a PDF file by E-mail and access to the file with analytics.

Types of profiles

  1. Short questionnaire – a questionnaire with a minimum number of fields. Used for an applicant who has not yet accepted the Company’s offer. Link to the short form: https://oprosnik-min.paperform.co/
  2. Full questionnaire – a questionnaire with the maximum number of fields in which the candidate enters full information about himself (information necessary for the security service and HR). Filled in when the applicant accepts a job offer. Link to the full profile: https://oprosnik.paperform.co/

How it works in companies

  1. Link to vacancy.

A link to the questionnaire is placed on the work resources, without a phone number. If the subject is motivated to work, he will fill out a questionnaire. If not, such an employee will not stay in your Company for a long time, you will only waste time and money on him.

The interface for filling out the questionnaires is as follows:

2. File with a completed application form.

After the applicant passes the questionnaire, a PDF file with a report is sent to the E-mail within 2 minutes, this information is used by HR and the security service in their work.

3. Analytics

HR gets access to a file that displays the TOP of the most profitable candidates and analytics according to the specified criteria.

The advantages of our product

  1. We will adapt the questionnaire to your preferences. We will add or remove questions in the questionnaire, as you wish.
  2. We will develop several types of questionnaires for different levels of the personnel hierarchy (TOP, middle level, line personnel).
  3. Possibility to place a link to the questionnaire on your site in the section: “Vacancies” or on the site of work.


  1. Saving HR and security time in recruiting
  2. Automatic narrowing of the funnel when recruiting high-flow personnel
  3. All profiles in one place (by email). The ability to quickly and easily find information about any employee.
  4. Analytics of personnel resources, which will allow you to quickly find a replacement for an unplanned employee who dropped out of the process and determine the TOP of profitable candidates from a large number of proposals.
  5. Low cost of an online questionnaire.


(Employment Risk Assessment)

The product works as follows:

1. The potential candidate for the vacancy clicks on the link and passes the test. The test is accompanied by built-in video instructions.

Test link: https://webcam.anti-lie.com/

The test contains the main questions regarding whether a candidate for a position is at risk in the following categories: debts, alcohol, drugs, gambling, theft of money, theft of property, disclosure of information, loyalty, and other issues.

The interface for filling out the pre-screening test is as follows:

2. Based on the results of the responses received, according to a specially developed algorithm, the candidate is automatically assigned a risk group for each category of questions and a general group, taking into account all identified risks. The resulting group serves as the basis for making a decision on the further employment of the candidate.

3. After passing the test, in 1-2 minutes, a pdf file with the filled in data and assigned risk groups is sent to the Customer’s mail.

4. A passed test is considered a report that was sent to the mail in pdf format. Payment is made for the received report.

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