Referees in multiathlon of bodyguards, including:

Dmitry Moroz Dmitry Moroz
Alexander Nikolaevich Bukhanovsky Alexander Nikolaevich Bukhanovsky
Pavel Gaiduchenko Pavel Gaiduchenko
Sergey Bondarenko Sergey Bondarenko
Dmitry Romanyuk Dmitry Romanyuk
Alexey Surik Alexey Surik
Nikolay Alekseenko Nikolay Alekseenko

Active years of participation in the security industry and bodyguard sports


Masters of Sports in all-around bodyguards, including

Alexey Surik Alexey Surik
Dmitry Romanyuk Dmitry Romanyuk
Nikolay Alekseenko Nikolay Alekseenko


SECURITY-COWORKING – services of exclusive specialists for reliable protection of your business

The project is created to help develop security structures and improve the quality of their services to provide maximum quality customer service.

SECURITY-COWORKING – the platform that brings together a variety of business security professionals and can solve customer threats systematically and minimize risks, including atypical ones.

Our 10 years of experience allows us to claim that the word “cooperation” matches better for the service “security organization” than “provision”. Regardless of the level of complexity – either physical security or personnel security of the business – it isn’t enough to sell simply the service to the client. Solving a problem always requires a deep understanding of it, which is impossible without productive cooperation.

Therefore, the FBDR implements the SECURITY-COWORKING project and offers you to join it as a specialist or to use the services which members of the Federation will provide cordially. Among the areas:

• Assembly and training of physical security groups for static and mobile activities.

• Development of the concept of protection and technical fortification of objects.

• Weapons handling culture: responsible and safe use.

• Protecting business interests in the areas of staffing, economic, legal and IT security.

• Anti-raider activities.

• Security systems audit.

• Dealing with reputational risks.

• Assistance in resolving other issues within the competence of the FBDR.

Please note that FBDR doesn’t carry out any commercial activities, all the above services are provided by associate members of the Federation within the SECURITY-COWORKING project.

Promotion of the Professional Standard of Guards and the introduction of amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Guarding Activities”

The Federation supports the idea of its partners – Public Organization “Professional Association of Personal Guards” – regarding the approval of a professional status of employees in the sphere of personal security. We consider this direction to be promising. We hope that the parliament will adopt these projects soon.

This will allow the bodyguards to formalize their labor relationships, pass licensing procedures, obtain permissions to carry firearms, and use insurance products.

Consultancy on development and quality of services for security providers and their clients

Awareness of advanced methods of providing security services and their timely implementation is a key factor in the effective operation of security agencies and, consequently, in qualitative development of this market. The dynamics of recent years suggests an increase in the demand for security services. Mainly because medium and large businesses increasingly choose outsourcing as the optimum and most effective security model. The demand for security services also increases the requirements for their provision.

We understand this and therefore consider it necessary to be a buffer of exchange between business, customers, and government agencies. This is our feasible contribution to the formation of the market of security services.

Increasing the literacy of employees in the field of personal security

The work of bodyguards remains legally unregulated, and this professional group is unprotected socially. Personal development and self-control continue to remain probably the only tool for bodyguards in the struggle for quality working conditions and decent pay. And the federation sees its mission in training bodyguards aimed to enhance the overall culture of safety, their competence and professionalism.

Training of the civilian population in the organization of personal security in order to counter the crime

We recognize personal security of an individual as the key value of society. I am convinced that knowledge of methods for assessing a situation, tactics of behavior in the event of a threat, as well as ways to overcome a threat should be publicly available. Therefore, we consider it expedient to share our experience with the civilian population, as well as to support and develop the initiatives of our associates on this issue.

Facilitating the strengthening of the national anti-terrorist system

Cooperation with state authorities and agencies, as well as representatives of the third sector of business with the aim of strengthening the nationwide anti-terrorist system is determined by the federation as a promising and important direction. One of the tools is the dissemination of professional knowledge and skills in the field of personal security

Social rehabilitation of military servicemen and former employees of law-enforcement structures

Experts predict that in about 15-20 years, the number of persons associated with military structures in Ukraine will grow 5 times, compared to the current situation. Therefore, today the development of programs for social rehabilitation of former military servicemen and law enforcement officers is an important condition for the formation of a new social stratum in our country.

First of all, the development of this direction makes it impossible for people with special knowledge and skills to be driven into the criminal world. Secondly, social programs will enable these people to take a decent professional position, for example, in a security, trade or any other commercial structure, or to develop their own business.


Anatoly Pavlov

Anatoly Pavlov

Honored trainer of Ukraine in all-around bodyguards

I first encountered all-around bodyguards in the 2000s and since that time I have literally fallen in love with this sport. Firstly, I am a coach by vocation. Secondly, at the time of my acquaintance with this area, I already had a decent experience of working in personal security. And thirdly, all-around is also interesting because it is the most applied sport of bodyguards, in which participants compete in their daily professional skills.
Alexander Bukhanovsky

Alexander Bukhanovsky

Head of the FTDO Council

In 2007, our organization started the sport from the official representative of the sport. In 2017, the growth of the low unwelcoming podіy in the state, the rise of the peak of raiding, prompted us to submit to the statute of organizing directly against the crime. It is not a good idea to hunt a person without urahuvannya to the spectrum of threats around her. From the side, it is unwise to oppose the crime only for the help of the guardians. If only the complex of calls from the continuous consultations of the client and the development of the entire spectrum of threats will be effective.
Dmitry Romanyuk

Dmitry Romanyuk

Founder of the Disciplina Practical Shooting School

For two and a half years now, I have been trying very hard to popularize and roll out the shooting topic from different angles: whether it be a civil topic or training for close protection groups. I really want our local police, rapid response groups of security structures, paramilitary guards to pay attention to this – everyone whose work is related to weapons. I want the use of weapons to be professional, competent and beautiful.
Vladimir Malyar

Vladimir Malyar


Our pride is the members of the Federation. About the high level of training, to speak of the fact that the instructions are not only representatives of the special protection of the giants, but of the structure. For example, from 2014 to 2017, by the forces of the Federation, there were 15 days to borrow for a special warehouse of the AFU and MIDU. By the efforts of the members of the Federation, 50 battles were prepared for the Self-Defense of Kryvbas.
Svetlana Velikaya

Svetlana Velikaya

Info center manager

We are concerned with security, not politics. There is always a guarded person in the center of security. In it, we teach to see, first of all, a person, regardless of his religious and political views, and, accordingly, to protect her personal life, human dignity, etc. This is the uniqueness of our organization.
Alexander Bukhanovsky

Alexander Bukhanovsky

Chairman of the FTDO Council

In the 90s of the last century, during my service, I met a Frenchman of Belgian origin. I was interested in how the state in France treats pensioners of the police, army, and special services. After all, these people have special skills, the uncontrolled use of which can harm the state and society. This is the question I asked my French another. He answered me that they had a government program to support public organizations created by veterans of the special forces, police, army, and penitentiary service. Then I had the first ideas for creating such an organization here – in the Dnipropetrovsk region.


The federation is open to cooperation with governmental organizations, business structures, public associations, and specialized specialists.

We invite you to join the current areas of work, please read the terms of admission and the charter of BFDR in advance.

Questionnaire for a candidate for membership in BFDR for individuals ( bodyguards, security guards, managers, other security professionals)

Associate member questionnaire for legal entities


BFDR publishes a newsletter, has a website, telegram channel and Facebook page, where we cover topics of personal security, business protection, weapons handling culture, promote the sport of bodyguards and reveal many other equally important issues related to our professional activity.

We invite authors, advertisers, and professional associations of security guards from other areas to productive cooperation and we are ready to communicate with your information resources.

For cooperation, please contact the public relations specialist of BFDR:

Tetyana Klinkova

Tetyana Klinkova

Press secretary

+380961237446 pressoffice.dbf@gmail.com